Our Story

1946 Pierpaolo Luzzatto Fegiz founds DOXA, the first statistical and opinion research company in Italy and one of the first in Europe

1946-48 Monarchy or Republic? The first opinion poll in Italy and the first survey on Italian household income distribution commissioned by Luigi Einaudi

1948 DOXA takes part in the foundation of Gallup, the first international network of research companies

1956 Ennio Salamon is called to join Doxa by Luzzatto Fegiz, his statistics professor at the University. Since then, leading the company together

1956-1967 DOXA tests market surveys by analysing consumer behaviours and is the first to introduce media and advertising research in Italy

1969-72 Carries out the first survey on Italian household income and wealth together with the Bank of Italy, and releases the first projections for 1972 general

1972-80 Launches the first extensive periodical survey on the durable goods market and conducts the first exit polls

1986-96 Beginning of customer satisfaction surveys and first periodical survey on international tourism

1991 Marina Salamon acquires the company from Luzzatto Fegiz’s sons: Ennio Salamon becomes CEO

1998-2000 First extensive survey on telecommunication loyalty and first Internet panel of Italian users

2001 Vilma Scarpino, having been with Doxa since 1983, becomes the new General Manager. In 2006, Marina chose Vilma as managing director and partner. Under her leadership, Doxa gives life to a set of innovative start-ups in market research that are today an integral part of the major Italian market research holding company

2009 Connexia becomes part of the group that is ever more focused on market, communication and digital marketing research. Paolo D’Ammassa is managing director and partner of Connexia

2012 Marina continues working as share-holder contributing to the growth of the group and the development of new start-ups: Web Of Life encapsulates the values we all share

2013 iCorporate integrates corporate communication both online and offline.