Areas of Analysis

Doxa is divided in different areas of specialisation and six macro-areas of analysis.
Each area is coordinated by researchers with established competences in the implementation of the methodologies in different product categories.

Market and Trend Analysis

Knowledge of the socio-cultural backgrounds of the emerging models and of the market Doxa is increasing its strategic and tactical importance ever more.

Development, management and distribution

Product or service life-cycle management commits marketing to a continuous evolution, distinguished by ever faster times and increasing complexity.

Development and management

The brand is ever more a storyteller that builds a concrete and emotional evocative world, a world companies cannot create by themselves.

Development and assessment

Characterised by many stimuli and media, the current context promises a sweeping transformation of the communication contract and launches new challenges. Through its research, Doxa supports the creative work of companies and agencies to optimise the creativity of the messages they want to convey.

Analysis of the relationships and organisations

CRM studies are one of the key management tools a company can use, not only to study the relationship between company and customer-consumer but all the relations among the different players both inside and outside the company.

Opinion Analysis

The opinion polls are surveys aimed to reliably and thoroughly know, assess and monitor the opinion and general feelings about social macro-themes, events, celebrities and ideas. Since 1946, Doxa has been monitoring the evolution of Italians’ way of thinking, working with Universities, private and public institutions, trade associations or organisations and private companies.