Big Data = data driven marketing

What company management see as a priority is not perceived as such by clients in 2 cases out of 3.

Companies always need a partner able to read and interpret different, heterogeneous and complex data sources to transform in-put into concrete business

We carry out customer surveys and design analytics to support the company in better knowing their client, their experience their expectations

– gathering data and information on clients and their experiences

– enhancing customer data already held by the company

– mapping the client’s customer journey (present, future, past)

– supporting the company in designing the customer experience

What we do

–we identify and map the customer journey of brand clients

– we monitor the satisfaction and experience of brand clients

– we discover what really counts for the client

–we support the company on improvement and managing critical issues

– we carry out data mining and analytics on all sources of information available to the brand

– we carry out data driven design to improve customer experience, looking for a balance between client satisfaction and economic value for the company

–we support the spread of information with graphic and storytelling solutions

– we help with communication for content management


Why Doxa

Doxa is the point of reference for the market because it offers

– a long term cooperative relationship

– an approach that progressively renders our clients independent in analytics management

–tailor made support

– best value for money in the market and best return on investment

– effective output, storytelling, dashboarding

– state of the art statistical instruments, data mining and analytics

– creative and out of the box thinking