Ever more Italians are deciding to make purchases via smartphone , but companies still struggle to structure themselves adequately to best exploit each competitive opportunity


What we do

– we have monitored and gathered smartphone usage data since 2012: which App, when, where, which is more relevant.

– we match the usage data (rilevazione passiva) with the preception of the client : what are they really looking for, what is the customer experience .

– we plan mobile customer surveys with ad hoc design to gather immediate feedback

– we identify and follow the customer journey of mobile surfers

– we generate actionable insights on what really counts for mobile clients

–we innovate with complex projects based on creative ideas

– we help the company in their positioning on mobile web

– we help company marketing through consultancy with ad hoc structural results both from a layout and storytelling stance

Why Doxa

Doxa is a partner of some of the most important internet multinationals in the mobile field and the reference for the Italian market thanks to:

– totally customised products

–modular planning within which, together with the client, the stages and modes of realization can be decided

– immediately actionable output

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