The points of contact with the end client are many. To best manage these many challenges, keeping quality of the service under control, we make two instruments available, mystery shopping and crowdsourcing.

These allow to take a close look at the objective and relational aspects of the execution and experience at point of sale, from both the point of view of the company and the consumer.


A methodology based on observing the facts, a mirror to understand what really happens when the potential client interacts with those representing the client

What we do

– we measure adherence to company guidelines, both in structural and relational terms

– we determine the strengths and areas for improvement of the service model

– we identify best practices and create a ranking to allow each store to improve its performance

Why Doxa

Doxa has developed a interpretative grid that allows to measure «what» staff do and «how» they interact with clients.


if the store is well kept and respects company guidelines


if personnel are «welcoming» and involving

Commerciale drive

to see in what measure staff use dialogue correctly in promoting the brand effectively and correctly


What we do

We have a community of consumers to access their smartphones on which they download our App allowing them to earn points and cash

We gather insight and data on retail execution (promos, out of stock, on shelf availability, 2nd placement, price) quickly, reliably and effectively . We can monitor 500 locations in 8 hours all over Italy and Europe


Why Doxa

Doxa is a leader in Europe in measuring retail execution through mobile crowdsourcing. Our network of qualified consumers provide objective and certified data in real time

Doxa is one of the founders of MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) and the Italian member of IMSA (International Mystery Shopping Alliance).