A photo of Doxa in collaboration with Etnocom of the more than 6.5 million ”new Italians”, foreigners with regular stay permits or acquired citizenship who live and work permanently in Italy

An analysis of culture and consumption, an instrument to discover a part of the population that is segmented but of great value and interest

What we do

– trace and identikit of first and second generation immigrants : ethnicity/religion; years living in Italy ,married status, socio-demographic and work ; level of education

– we know their behaviour and habits , their purchasing behaviours

– we analyse their digital activities, both online and mobile

– we identify and follow their use of traditional media

– we photograph the housing of each individual and family

Why Doxa

– we trace the profile a very varied segment of the population: new Italians represent a unique target but with a lot of segmentation, each with its motivations, characteristics and level of integration and therefore requiring different modes of approach

– strong reliability and representation of a national sample, based on personal interviews