Doxa Kids combines marketing consultancy and solid research experience with kids and teens from 0 to 18 years old, aimed at companies with kid-related business.

Companies have to know the needs, tastes and attitudes of the kids and their families; they need to know how to interact with them and, when it is proper, to use some magic. Successful products require a perfect combination of strategy and spells, which only an expert support can offer.

Agile, innovative and creative

We support companies in their innovation process, writing the magic formula with them, transforming the insights into unique product ideas and successful marketing and advertising activities.

Integrated, modern and innovative research tools and products

Thanks to our acquired business experience, we offer marketing consultancy to best analyse and interpret research output along with the innovation processes and the development of products and services, especially digital.

We stand by our customers’ side in the exploration of new product categories, the development of sales lifting projects, the management of partnerships and sponsoring and the planning of ad, promotion and engagement activities.

Sectors and Markets

Traditional and digital media, brand and character, toys, large-scale and retailers in general, society, school and family.

Customers who have already chosen us:

The Walt Disney Company Italia, De Agostini Publishing, F.I.L.A., DeAKids, Periodici San Paolo, Discovery Networks, Atlantyca, Gruner und Jahr, Mondadori.

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