Metrics: Customer Survey + Analytics Design

We are specialists in enhancing customer equity: Analysis of the experience and customer satisfaction.

We help companies to increase their competitiveness by offering the best experience of purchase and use of their products/services and excellent performances, both to the market and the stakeholders, as well as maximising the return on investment on relationships.


We offer USEFUL and ACTIONABLE Services, Consultancy and Research, when information, data and indicators are needed about the customer’s perception of the offer, the service and the relationship with the company.

Our skills focus on consumer: Satisfaction and experience surveys and marketing strategies.

The context has changed

Complex service models, multiple channels, multiplication of the number of touch points, customer’s lack of patience with long interviews, need for short times, limited budgets.

Our solutions

Advice and solutions out of the box

Planning and management of the governance of customer feedback

Multi-channel data collection (telephone, web, mobile, texting, QRcodes, face to face, mystery shopping)

Integration of research competences with industry awareness

Innovative systems of dissemination and information delivery