Doxa has a deep knowledge regarding the different product categories thanks to all the projects it has carried out over time and to its professionals’with different work background:

financial services | hi tech  & tlc | energy & utilities
consumer goods | fashion & luxury | retail & GDO
tourism & mobility | institutions

Financial services

Years of experience in bank, finance and insurance research, through extensive quantitative customer satisfaction surveys and qualitative highlights on new services and brands.

Hi-tech & TLC

The TLC sector has been going through major changes. Understanding the market and consumer trends is ever more important to develop proper strategies. Doxa has been carrying out TLC research for many years with the major players in the domestic market.

It has developed particular competence in consumer and business customer satisfaction surveys, qualitative research on new products and services and in the evaluation of customer contact systems.

Energy & Utilities 

An increasingly important market for research, due to legislative changes introduced in relation to all public utilities.

From scenario and brand research to reputation analysis on specific target groups, surveys on given services and support of the human resource activity.

Consumer Goods 

One of the widest research areas where different target groups’ cultural models have been evolving most in: food, festivities and relationship with the body and wellness.

A very wide family of analyses ranging from optimisation, positioning and exploration studies, through brand and corporate image analysis, brand equity and brand positioning surveys and studies to set up multi-target ad campaigns or identify the right endorsers for a product campaign.

Fashion & Luxury

The world of luxury has also been increasing its interest in investigating their consumers in order to assess brand loyalty and emerging trends.

Doxa offers a wide palette of research tools to explore specific target groups, media exposure, consumption habits, the concepts used, as well as studying product packaging, launch copies and POS analysis and accessibility.

Retail & Large-scale retail

Large-scale retailers in particular and all retailers in general feel the increasing need to investigate Italian consumption and purchase habit and trends in a world where traditional stores are ever more interacting with phenomena, such as e-commerce, social commerce and online outlets.

From exploration studies in the catchment areas, surveys on spending habits and the analysis of private labels, shelf analysis and store check studies to the development of promotional and point collection activities.

Tourism & Mobility

A sector whose analysis of the services is of great importance in improving the offer to the end client.

Doxa supports Italian and international companies in the analysis of the competitive scenario, the study of new services, the measuring customer satisfaction and testing the quality level of services.


Investigating the work of the Public Administration and satisfaction among citizens with the different institutions and organisations is very important in supporting political campaigns, drafting legislation and requesting actions involving and affecting public opinion.

Doxa offers a wide range of analysis tools to integrate quantitative and qualitative research.