The first Italian market research company and only independent company with a solid international network celebrates its 70th anniversary

With numbers constantly growing and wide ranging strategic investment plans

It is 70 years old but doesn’t look it, Doxa, has always positioned itself at the top of the market in terms of size as well as quality and reliability. Addressing and supporting, with absolute scientific rigor, the strategic choices of companies, institutions and non-government bodies. Because knowledge is power. The company, with its head offices in Milan, made an overall turnover of 41.1 milioni euros (+41% on 2011), excellent margins and 246 employees(+86 on 2011).

Monarchy or Republic? It was 1946 when Professor Pierpaolo Luzzatto Fegiz imported, for the first time in Europe, «sample surveys» devised by the American George Gallup. Prof Luzzato Fegiz chose a symbolic name for the company he would found: Doxa,, meaning <<opinion>> in ancient Greek and which would later become synonymous with market research. The first survey: Monarchy or Republic? Republic won. And Doxa took off.

Italy under X-Ray. On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, Doxa decided for the first time to open up its archives. This is made up of hundreds and hundreds of unreleased surveys grouped only in part in newsletters on by now yellowing pages, each for one year from 1946 to 1999. When they are all finally digitalized Italy may be seen under X-Ray

These archives deal mostly with non-commissioned surveys which were carried out independently by Doxa give a view on the cultural and economic vices and virtues of a country in continuous evolution. Including data that merits particular attention for the immediate post-war period, showing. it was of little importance that rubble still lay on the ground, the most urgent spending was for clothes.

Doxa identikit. Today Doxa is a consolidated group made up of Doxa Duepuntozero, specialized in web panel management , web monitoring and online surveys ; Doxapharma, active in the pharmaceutical and medico-clinical fields, and Connexia, a player in digital PR and multichannel communications.

Doxa is 90% owned by Marina Salamon, its Director, who acquired it in 1991. Also for sentimental reasons: her father, Ennio Salamon, had joined the company in 1956 after being invited by its founder Pierpaolo Luzzatto Fegiz, his statistics professor at Trieste University, he soon became CEO and the real deus ex machina. The remaining 10% belongs to Vilam Scarpino who came to Doxa as a very young researcher and is today CEO. The third woman in the company is Adriana Calella, Director of Finance and HR.

Doxa is a founding partner of the Gallup International Association and Win – The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research. These networks are present in over 75 countries. Vilma Scarpino is also President of WIN/GIA

Focus on the future. «Our merits have mainly aimed at two elements: human resources and innovation coming from digital technology, through acquisitions aimed specifically in this field and companies created to preside over a market in constant change» comments Marina Salamon, who controls Doxa through her holding company Alchimia. She forecasts : «In the mid-term we intend to make further investments and not exclude extraordinary measures to strengthen our position of leadership».

Doxa has, for some time, integrated market research with big data, analytics, marketing and communication. And aims at further widening its range of action. «But scientific rigor will always remain our mantra» adds Vilma Scarpino. Putting the accent on what has made Doxa great, the ability of its researchers to always read reality. Doxa’s range extends from large scenario studies and measurement analysis to in-depth quali-quantitative studies on brands, products, distribution and communication. With ever more focus on digital platforms .

How we were and how we are…comparing the Italy of the past to the present