We deal above all with the future
We believe that the essence of research rests in its forecasting capacities and in providing concrete support to the company for:
– defining strategies for development and positioning
– making choices in marketing actions and communications
– designing new products and services to launch on the market

What we do

Accompany and guide the client in strategic and tactical decision making, we develop planning based on a mash up of competences, methodologies and information sources

Market insight
Phenomena analysis of attitudes and behaviours +revision of criteria for market segmentation

Strategic Positioning
Identification of competitive assets +most promising indicators for positing

Brand Evolution
Restructuring of brand image + profile values, intangibles, communication codes

Innovation Process
Co-generation of new ideas and concepts + planning and fine tuning of the offer

Concept Foresight
Support at product/service launch + sizing of potential market

Adv Diagnostics
Performance of advertising campaign+ diagnosis of the quality of the communication

Why Doxa

– team of consultants specialized in research based marketing intelligence
– own platform for the realization of generative and explorative surveys
– web based instruments

Exclusive research methodology
F.A.C.S. – coding of micro facial expressions to analyze emotions
PROMONITOR – measurement of effectiveness of promotional campaigns
O.N.E. – studies to support multi-stakeholder strategies
CUBE – analysis of competitive positioning
VOLUME –sizing of market potential


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